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Osteopathy and Naturopathy

Looking to improve the health and productivity of the people at your





You can bring Fein Health directly to you.


Combining clinical diagnostic skills, hands on manual therapy, diet and exercise advice we offer a complete package to ensure everyone in the workplace can live a less stressed, more productive and healthier existence. 

As a primary care practitioners we have the skills necessary to screen for serious medical conditions and come to a clinical diagnosis. A diagnosis based on an individuals context allows us to provide more efficient and effective management of each employees health. 

Based on scientific evidence and evolutionary principles we offer more than just a simple massage. If you are interested in creating a more productive, healthier and less stressed workforce then Fein Health is just right for you.


What we offer: 

Clinical Diagnosis

Hands on osteopathic treatment

Stress management techniques

Movement education

Nutritional advise

Ergonomic education


To achieve the best results a combination of group presentations and one to one treatments works effectively to change both the mindset and physical wellbeing of all employees. 


If you are interested and would like to find out more please contact

Joshua Fein-Brown, M.Ost, DO, ND on: 

07872 463 402

Or via e-mail: